Accessibility on Gateinstaller

We are committed to taking reasonable steps to ensure the site is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Images on the site

All images that provide information have appropriate alternative text so that the information is available to people who cannot see the images.

Images that are provided for decoration are provided as either background images or have have descriptive alternative text.

Cascading Style Sheets

Layout and style has been designed with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The web site will still be usable if CSS is turned off. Disabling of CSS will result in a simply structured single column page that will be styled according to the default settings of your browser.

Text size and style

The site has been designed using CSS and the text has been formatted to ensure users can adjust the size to suit their needs. To increse or decrease text sizes, use your browsers options to adjust the font scales. To adjust in Internet Explorer 6, go to View in the menu bar and select text size. To adjust in FireFox hold down Ctrl and + or - (Windows) and Command + or - (Mac)

Difficulties with accessing content?

Simply contact us and will be more than happy to supply the information in an alternative format.

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