Gateinstaller.co.uk has been created and is maintained by CAME BPT UK. The site is intended to help people find suitable, proficient and reliable gate installers in their area.

The site is also packed with information on gates and gate automation so you are able to have a grasp at what will be involved in purchasing a set of gates or a gate automation system.


Our Equipment

When you choose an installer to fit ELECTRIC GATES from Gateinstaller.co.uk you can be confident with the electric gate equipment that will be installed. Our outstanding gate automation systems can be considered the Rolls Royce of gate automation equipment and we offer a THREE YEAR parts warranty to back up this claim. CAME Equipment is reliable and sturdy and will offer many years of trouble free service.

Cheaper automation equipment is available but choosing sub standard equipment typically costs in the long run with additional call back and repair charges that our correctly installed, first class equipment helps to avoid.

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Our Installers

Installers found using our FIND AN INSTALLER search are all CAME Approved Installers. This new marque awarded by CAME is intended to highlight the very best gate installation companies throughout Britain. Find out more about what it takes to become a CAME Approved Installer here.

The Approved Installer Marque is only awarded to gate installers who show time and again, their professional commitment to customer service, quality and safety when installing gates and electric gate automation equipment. Choosing a gate installer from our database assures you that the company who installs your gates will not only offer you a superb service but also for automated gates, the electric gate operators they use will meet the exacting standards you expect.

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CAME (pronounced CAM-AY) is Europe's leader in electro mechanical automation systems with over 30 years experience. The success of CAME is based on the quality of the products and the relationship with the customers. CAME has always paid particular attention not only to the end user but also to the installer, producing products that are easy to install, introducing new solutions for different situations and giving a flexible and accurate service for a complete series of products.

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