Underground Gate Operators

By far the most popular kind of automation is the underground motor. Once correctly installed, there is no apparent sign of the mechanism other than the lid of the foundation casing box, and the pivitol arm which the gate is attached to. This does not detract from the overall aesthetics of an attractive gateway.

The underground motor can be fitted to new gateways or most pairs of existing gates and are designed to automate either metal or wooden gates. In the eventuality of a power cut the underground system has a key operated manual release mechanism which is conveniently situated on both the inside and outside of the gateway.

The Frog

CAME's FROG system is the most functional and desirable solution for every type of swing gate. It is a highly efficient automation system thanks to the materials used and the gear-motor inside the casing. With a smooth and safe motion guaranteed even in the harshest conditions, but which, above all needs no periodic maintenance.

The Frog Plus

The FROG PLUS is a safe and reliable underground gate system, for oversized swing gates typically found in apartment blocks, commercial or industrial settings: army bases, prisons, hospitals etc. The steel foundation box with anti-rust treatment ensures the Frog Plus is watertight.

Underground Automation examples

Visit the gallery below to see examples of underground motors that have been installed and a video of the frog motor in use.

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