Worm Driven Gate Operators

Worm driven gate operators are ideal for large and heavy gates. They are powerful and reliable machines that will offer years of exceptional service. They are attached to the gate posts and pivot around that attachment point and use a screw type movement to shorten the dimensions and open the gate.

The Krono

The Krono is a complete system for a pair of wing gates up to 2.5m each leaf and is most commonly used in small hinge geometry situations.

The motors are worm driven and are very strong and provide very smooth operation. The Krono kit is a cost effective method of providing a complete automation system for small hinge geometry gates. The oval profile offers a more discreet look for this style of motor on many steel and wrought iron style gates.

The Amico

CAME's Amico system is a great solution to automate residential swing gates. The simple worm drive mechanism is convenient and reliable, capable of opening gate wings of 1.8 m (about 5’11”) weighing up to 200kg. The aluminum supporting structure makes Amico extremely robust.

The Amico combined with the ZL90 control panel meets UK safety laws in relation to power output of the gate. This makes it easier to make a safe, compliant automated gate without the need for excessive additional accessories, helping to keep costs and installation time to a minimum.

The Axo

The Axo worm drive swing gate operators are very versatile offering a complete range of motors suitable for opening large or heavy gates of widths of up to 7m.

The new electromechanical operator has been design to be durable, reliable and strong as well as being safe to run even on very large gates thanks to the mechanical and electrical improvements to the system inside the casing. In the eventuality of a power cut the Axo motors have an emergency backup function that uses batteries. All the models can be operated by all the standard CAME accessories e.g. remote controls, push buttons, keypads.

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