Swing Gates

The majority of gates around the country will be swinging gates. A traditional opening whereby the gates are hinged to one side and open around this pivot point, usually into the property.

Often the first choice for a gate installation, swinging gates are less expensive to install and look better than sliding gates. Swing gates are also considered safer than sliding gates and are easier to open.

It is possible to have a single swinging gate or a pair of swinging gates, depending on the size of your opening. Single gates are the more economical option but would be unsuitable for openings over about 12 feet (3.65m) wide.

Opening your gates into your property will always be the most desirable choice, however some circumstances may make it possible, or necessary to open the gates outwards. Opening gates out of the property can free up parking space but you are restricted from opening your gates onto a public highway.

Swinging gates cannot be fitted onto a driveway if it is on an upward incline, the gate would be prevented from opening by the higher ground behind it. Gates can be mounted with a gap beneath to avoid slight inclines but anything over 6" or 8" looks unsightly and may compromise your security. Again if you have enough room, gates could open outwards avoiding any inclines.

Should a swinging gate not be suitable for your property, you may find sliding gates a suitable alternative. Sliding gates can help avoid inclines and offer access to properties with restricted space.

As always our Approved Installers will be able to advise you on your requirements and what gate will suit your property.

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