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With so many companies offering gate installation in the UK how can you be sure the people you ring for your gates, be they manual or automated electric gates, will offer you a professional service?

Search our database for your approved gate installer. You can be assured that you will receive a first class service from one of the UK's premier electric gate installation companies. The installer database is filled exclusively with companies that have consistently shown their professional commitment to customer service, quality and safety.

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Disclaimer: Work undertaken by independent companies who are listed on the Gateinstaller website cannot be guaranteed by Gateinstaller.co.uk or CAME BPT UK. Recommendation does not guarantee the competence of the company or its employees to perform work in the relevant field. CAME BPT UK makes no representation as to such competence or ability. In undertaking any work, the installer is responsible in ensuring that ALL work is within their competence and complies fully with any applicable regulations and standards. Installers are always advised to seek further instruction or supervision, if necessary.

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